Monday, April 14, 2008

Where's WW2PT these days?

So I finally got my 2007 tax refund, the first in as long as I can remember, which was earmarked long in advance for all sorts of new ham equipment to complete my SO2R station.

Meet my new amplifier: MicroHam MK2R+: tribander:
...and my new power supply system:

See, now, this is the problem with having more than one hobby. Especially when each of those hobbies brings you one step closer to homelessness. It's not just a sickness, it's like suffering from several sicknesses at once and never knowing which one is going to flare up. If that refund had arrived a few weeks earlier when my brain was deep in radio fever it would have certainly been blown on all that stuff I want need for the shack; a few weeks later, maybe a Tele Vue NP127IS. Or a Taylor XXX-RS. Or model trains, or a lift kit for my Jeep, or a trip to Banff, or Yankees season tickets, or...

Someone stop me.