Sunday, September 27, 2009

My NRD-505 is on eBay

Hate to do it but need some cash flow. This is another one I'll regret selling.

Update 10/3: Sold for $2,025.00. Was hoping for more but think my eBay rating (a big, fat zero because it's a new account) probably pulled down the final price. Also had my NRD-535D and NVA-319 listed; the speaker sold ($202.50) but the radio did not.

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

August 2009 Wrap-Up

Not a very active month here in W5-land -- only 28 Q's, one all-time new DXCC (FJ - St. Barthelemy), one new-for-TX (V31 - Belize), and a couple of new ones on 40m (ZL and VK). Was distracted by work most of the month, missed the North American QSO Party due to family duties, and generally found the bands dead whenever I found time to operate.

August 2009 Stats (To-Date Confirmed/Worked):
6 DXCC Entities (75/117)
7 CQ Zones (27/30)
18 States (42/48)
4 IOTA Islands (33/58)
28 Total QSOs

QSLs: Despite the lapse in activity, I am ahppy to report that the QSLs have been coming in. My QSL rate on LoTW has improved markedly, and I received a bunch more cards from stateside ops, bringing my DXCC confirmed total up to 75 and WAS confirmed to 42.

Stats: It's getting harder for me to track which states, DXCC entities, zones and islands are "new", so from this month forward I'll just post my stats for each month along with the running total worked/confirmed. Also, totals include QSOs from NJ.

(And yes, I realize no one cares about my piddling DX efforts; I do this for my own amusement - an extension of my logbook, if you will.)