Wednesday, June 25, 2014


I haven't really been keeping track too closely, but it appears that 4Z4AK's eQSL that I received in May was #100 for me on So in the end it took about 6 months longer to reach 100 confirmed on eQSL than it did using LOTW. Haven't decided whether I will apply for the actual award yet.


DXCC #196, #197 & #198: A42A Oman, 7Z1SJ Saudi Arabia, and 9V1YC Singapore, and the All Asian DX CW Contest

Courtesy of the All Asian DX CW contest on June 21-22, I nabbed the three above-mentioned countries for all-time new ones, bringing me even closer to the 200 Worked milestone.

I also worked A65BD, my second contact with the U.A.E., who verified quickly on LOTW to give me my 164th country confirmed; and E20AX Thailand, another country previously worked but not confirmed. Waiting for ClubLog to be updated to see if I made it into the E20AX log OK before sending for a QSL.

My biggest bonehead move of late was to continuously call 9M6XRO, only realizing later that East Malaysia in not in fact Asia but Oceania! Sorry OM!

Update 06-Jul-2014: E20AX is matched on ClubLog. No LOTW, though.

Update 07-Jul-2014: A65BD is matched, too!

Update 31-Jul-2014: 9V1YC in the book!

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

Something Old, Something New...

My haul from this years Ham-Com in Plano wasn't nearly as bountiful as the previous two trips (a Tarheel antenna in 2009, and a Flex 1500 last year). Still, I was just as thrilled to see a copy of Martti Laine OH2BH's Where Do We Go Next? I missed out on this years ago, and it's been out of print for a while. I think I saw it on eBay once for an obscene price. The person selling this copy was asking $6. After I got home and sat down to start reading it I saw that it was signed and inscribed by the author to the original owner (I presume), Bill K9IW.

The only other thing I left Plano with, besides an ARRL golf shirt that my XYL bought me, was a copy of Circuit Simulation and Analysis. Been wanting to learn more about using circuit design software for some time. I have LTSpice installed on my PC but have no idea how to use it. I reckon this should show me the way.

Sunday, June 8, 2014

DXCC #195: 7QNL Malawi

Finally heard 7QNL! He was so weak I was less than half-sure he got my call correct -- I heard "WW" and "T", so I figured I'd send an exchange and worry about working him again later if I heard him better. I got a "TU" back from him and logged it. Today the log match came through on ClubLog. Good thing, too, because it appears to be one of Remco's last QSOs from Malawi.

#195 worked all-time mixed, #176 on CW, #81 on 30m.

DXCC #194: ZA/ON4CCV Albania

A Belgian team is operating from Albania this week. ZA/ON4CCV was about 579 on 20m into Texas this evening and I was able to work him easily, just before a mad pileup ensued. Ten operators, so I expect they'll be all over the bands. No LOTW, apparently.

Update 16-June-2014: I checked ClubLog the other day and saw that I wasn't included in ZA/ON4CCV's log. I hadz sad. But today something told me to check again and...

Happy Dance shall now commence!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

May 2014 Wrap-Up

While May wasn't a very prolific month for me with only 152 QSOs logged, it was rewarding. Closing in on 200 DXCC entities worked, hit the 500 WPX mark, and within spitting distance of 100 countries confirmed on 15m. Just five new ones worked in May, but three of them were confirmed quickly on LOTW (Papua New Guinea, San Marino and East Malaysia), while one other (Ghana) is matched on Club Log. And with W1AW/7 putting Wyoming in the log (and LOTW confirmation pending), I am now two QSOs away from Triple Play (RI on phone and WV on CW).

DXCC Totals

Last 10 New DXCC Worked
190SAN MARINOT77C5/18/2014
184FIJI ISLANDS3D2FJ3/28/2014

Worked All States
Basic *5080M2717M28
Digital *5020M4810M23