Monday, February 9, 2015

DXCC #208: S79AC Seychelles

Quiet bands of late but things are starting to pick up. Lots of EU stations, they seem to be getting louder each night. But early this UTC morning around 0020 it was a weak station that caught my ear: S79AC in the Seychelles, an ATNO for me. Op Eric was just above the noise on 10105.0 kHz working simplex with a small pile of callers. He came back to me as WA2PT but I lost him to QRM and he moved on before I could correct him and send an exchange. I kept trying, though, and eventually made the contact at 0044 UTC. By then his signal had come up a bit, though still only S3-S4 with the attenuator off. S79AC has been operating for the past few weeks and is scheduled to QRT tomorrow (10-Feb). Lucky to have found  him when I did!

ClubLog was uploaded quickly, too. Tnx Eric!

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