Friday, April 10, 2015

March 2015

DX - I was not quite as active in March as I'd been in Jan/Feb, but I ended the month with three all-time new countries and a YTD DXCC total of 164, up 13 from the end of February. Had a fine run of African DX, some easier than others. Here's the highlight reel:
  • E51UFF North Cook Islands: ATNO #216. Worked op LA5UF on four bands (40/20/12/10), always weak but always in the log on first or second call. No ClubLog or LOTW. 
  • E30FB Eritrea: ATNO #217 - This was tough, took a week before finally get in the log on two bands (12/20) in one day (15-Mar). Matched on ClubLog.
  • A71EM Qatar: ATNO #218. Fairly easy, LOTW confirmation in three days. Tnx Juma!
  • 9Q0HQ Dem. Republic of Congo: Worked on five bands (40/30/20/17/12) but the 17m QSO is missing from their online log. I'll take four. 
  • 7QAA Malawi: Five bands (20/17/15/12/10), all ClubLog matched.
  • 5Z4/DF5ZP Kenya: Second band (15) for the DF3FS/DF5ZP operation. No LOTW, apparently...
  • 5Z4LS Kenya: ...but Nick G3RWF thankfully does use LOTW! Worked him on 12m and got LOTW the same day for DXCC Mixed #178.
  • FR5DX Reunion Island: This was a nice catch! I was just tuning around the 20m phone portion and stumbled upon Erick in QSO with another op. Dropped my call after they were finished and got a 58 report back. No ClubLog/LOTW.
  • V5/G3TXF: Only heard Nigel on one band (12) and got him in the log. ClubLog matched, LOTW confirmed a few days later.
  • KG4HF Guantanamo Bay: Added two more bands (30/15) to the three QSOs in February (20/17/12), although the 12m QSO was busted. So this operation ended with four bands matched on ClubLog and confirmed via LOTW.
  • 4Z5ML Israel: Finally found a 4X who uploads to LOTW! Thanks for DXCC Mixed #179, Alex!
Last 10 New DXCC Worked
216N. COOK ISLANDSE51UFF3/4/2015
212COCOS IS.TI9/3Z9DX2/19/2015

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